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Things to Do


Astrid Lindgren's World - Children all over the world know that Pippi is the strongest girl in the world, and that Emil is mischievous but kind-hearted. The know that Villekulla Cottage is a yellow house with a horse on the veranda, and that Emil practically lives in the farm woodshed. When you bring the children to Astrid Lindgren's World, that is just what you will find and enjoy. This is where all her stories come true. Click Here


Hiking Trails - Discover Eastern Småland's and Öland's beautiful hiking trails with historical characteristics. Here, near the coast and sea, you will find hiking trails for the family as well as for the experienced hiker. There are many variations. With the correct equipment you can transform yourself into a hiker and be fascinated by everything Eastern Småland and Öland have to offer. There are many places along the trails where you can rest and pitch camp for the night.
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Orrefors Glassworks - We bid you a warm welcome to Orrefors Glassworks, where throughout the year they show visitors how they make Orrefors glass. You can join a guided tour round the hot-shop and museum, where you can follow the development of Orrefors designs over the course of the past century. You will also have the opportunity of purchasing seconds at bargain prices and, if you wish, of enjoying a light meal or snack.

The Kingdom of Crystal in Småland

  More things to do...  
  Visit the high-street stores in Mönsterås 4.5 km
  Candy factory in Mönsterås 5 km
  Gabriel Keramik "Ceramics in Timmernabben" 13 km
  Borgholm, Öland - with car over the bridge at Kalmar 79 km
  Borgholm, Öland - with ferry (90 min) depart from Mönsterås 5 km
  Hultsfredsfestivalen, Hultsfred via Fliseryd and Högsby 80 km
  Bluesfestival, Mönsterås (link in Swedish) 5 km
  Gateway to Sweden  

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