Booking terms and conditions for Seglarvägen 18

Legal owner of the above property: Leif-Erik Johansson.

We will make sure:
• you will be provided a written confirmation of your reservation. (via email)
• you will be provided additional information and instructions regarding your stay, well in advance prior to your arrival. i.e. to where you can pick-up the key etc. (at least 30 day's prior to arrival.)
• that the house is in accordance with the information provided.
• you will be informed of any important changes concerning your reservation.
• you can check-in at 15.00 on agreed arrival day and stay until 12:00 on departure day, if nothing else agreed and written on your confirmation.

* Pets such as dogs and cats are not allowed on the property during your stay.
* Smoking is not allowed indoors.
A highchair for a child is provided free of charge.
Bicycles for complimentary use during your stay.
If you require bed linen, extra charge of £10.00/per bed
* At the end of the rental period, you are required to clean the house and other areas of the property used during your stay. If not a charge will be deducted from your deposit to cover for professional cleaning

Please read below information.

When is my reservation confirmed?

Your reservation is confirmed as soon as we have confirmed your reservation via email and you have paid in the rental fee and deposit, at least 10 days after booking has been made. If booking 14 days or less prior to the rental period, your reservation is confirmed at time of booking.

When should I pay?

If you are booking more then 60 days in advance you have to pay the booking fee of 50% of the total rental amount. The booking fee should be paid 10 days after confirmation has been sent out to you. The booking fee will be deducted from the total rental amount. The remaining amount should be paid at least 60 days prior to your arrival date.

If you are booking less then 60 days prior, you should then pay the whole amount within 10 days from the date the reservation was originally made, or at least the day before arrival. If you have booked a stay longer then 30 days, you do not have to pay the future 30 day period until the last work day for every new 30 day period.

A deposit has to be paid in conjunction with every reservation and in addition to the booking fee. The deposit will be repaid after the rental period minus any cost for damage, no cleaning etc.

What if I do not pay in time?

If the booking fee and deposit has not been paid in time, we reserve our right to cancel the reservation. If any of the payments are not made in time, we will count this as a cancellation from your side and the rules for cancellation will apply.

What if I want to cancel the reservation?

You can cancel your reservation verbally or by writing to us (via email). The cancellation is not valid if made to third party or sent to the holiday house directly. We will confirm your cancellation in writing via email.

• If you cancel more then 60 days prior to arrival, payment is not needed and a repayment of any paid amount will be refunded.

• If you cancel less the 59 days prior to arrival, the booking fee will not be refunded (50% of the total rental amount), however, the deposit will be refunded.

• If you have paid in more then what you owe us for the rental period, you will be refunded the difference.

If I need to complain?

If you need to put forward a complaint, you should do this to us as quickly as possible or at least 3 days after arrival. Damages, which occur during your stay, should be reported immediately, so that we can repair the damage as soon as possible. The deposit will be used to repair any damages or lack of cleaning as a result of your stay.

What are my responsibilities?

You have to care for the house as if it was your own and follow the instructions, information and obligations provided to you in the welcome pack.
You are responsible for any damages made to the house structure or inventories, due to negligence by yourself or by any members of your party.
You cannot use the house for any other purpose then agreed upon at time of booking.
You cannot let more people stay in the house, guest house or in the garden then agreed upon at time of booking.
Before your departure you have to fully clean the house. (Follow the instructions available in the house). If after an inspection the cleaning has not been done properly, we will conduct cleaning on your behalf. The cost will be deducted from the deposit.
The house key has to be returned as per the instructions given.

War, natural disaster, strikes etc.:

Both parties have the right to dissolve the agreement/contract if the property cannot be maintained/lived in due to act of war, natural disaster, work conflicts (strikes), longer periods of electricity and water shortage, fire or other force majeure situations that neither parties could foresee. In these situations, we will refund what you have paid minus any usage of the house from your part.

What happens if we disagree?

Come to us directly with any complaints to get a quick response. Please, do not wait to put forward your complaint, as any delay might impact the result. If we were unable to reach an agreement, you can turn to the general ombudsman and they will be able to assist you with your complaint.

Important terms and conditions!

The tenant should always verify and confirm the booking confirmation to avoid any misunderstandings.
The tenant for a short- or long-term stay does not get property rights by staying at this holiday accommodation.